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Let Addictive Entertainment handle your table styling needs.

Tablescaping is an aspect we are pretty great at. Addictive Entertainment has been in the business of tablescaping for years. In case you are wondering, tablescaping is the process of coming up with an elegant and suitable table setting for your event. It requires attention to detail, just like every other aspect of event planning and management. However, creativity is also just as important.

There is a range of tablescaping designs for the range of events we host. For example, if you are looking to plan a wedding, there are various tablescaping styles available. Same ones for a birthday party and a corporate event. The location, whether indoor or outdoor, of your event matters when it comes to tablescaping too. Suppose you are opting for a buffet or a banquet; the style and décor of your tables matter as well.

Why Should You Hire Addictive Entertainment for Your Table Styling Needs?

There are a lot of reasons you need Addictive Entertainment for your table styling needs. Some of them include the following.

Superb Quality Glassware

We offer you the use of our superb quality glassware. We have a range of quality glassware in our arsenal, and we aim to ensure that you dine like royals at your event. Every plate we place on your table is of the best quality, and we have them in different shapes and sizes.

The wine glasses and water glasses are also of fantastic quality. We will work with your chefs to provide the best plates and cups for the designed menu. We also make replacements available when a plate or cup gets accidentally broken.

The best part is, this service is available at an affordable price. Rest assured that our table stylists will show up at your event with everything they need to bring class and elegance to your dining style!

Classy Table Accessories

Addictive Entertainment is constantly on the lookout for trending and classy table accessories. The table accessories we have in stock are classy and elegant, and we will use the most suitable ones for the theme of your event.

We are quite particular about ambience, and we ensure that it reflects in our table styling. For example, we could opt for scented or unscented candles if you want minimal lighting. In addition, we have experienced, and creative florists on our table styling team, and they determine the best flower combinations for your table. In all, we ensure that our work leaves both you and your guests in awe.

Our table styling service at Addictive Entertainment is available for all types of events. We are quite skilled at determining the best table setting. You don’t have to worry about buying the things we need to create an aesthetically pleas-ing table setting for your event because we already have all we need. We would simply work with your budget and theme and leave you with nothing but satisfaction. Reach out to us today!