Addictive Entertainment

Taking Care of Your Annual Events

Addictive Entertainment also offers a service where we help you plan your major annual events.

Another mouthwatering service Addictive Entertainment offers you is helping you plan your major annual events. Your annual events could be for the corporate world. Some of these events include office Christmas parties, charity events, fundraisers, or even balls.

The event could be for a small or large group of people too. Your major annual event could also be in the personal sector, say a birthday party, anniversary, or just an event you love to host annually. Whatever the case may be, you need event planners to ensure that the event goes smoothly.

Why does your Major Annual Event need the touch of Addictive Entertainment?

The answer is a lot of reasons! You need us for a myriad of reasons, and some of them include the following.

Pocket-Friendly Rates

We offer you our services at pocket-friendly rates. We can assure you that our fair prices are quite commensurate with the services we offer you. You would get value for your money. Our prices are as reasonable as we make them because we have long-standing relationships with brokers of services needed for a smooth and fulfilling event. These brokers offer us their services at extremely fair prices because of constant and high patronage. We bring them a lot of business, and they, in turn, offer us discounts.


Addictive Entertainment adds that professional edge to your event. We plan your event so that your guests would know you featured professionalism in the planning process. It reflects in the seating arrangements, the menu- which is usually organised and taken care of by the most skilled chefs in the industry, down to the style of the invitation cards. As a result, every event we organise reeks of professionalism has always left our clients satisfied and coming back for more.

Financial Consideration

You need an event planning and management team that would have the best interest of your finances at heart. We have worked with every budget type, and one of our priorities at Addictive Entertainment is financial satisfaction. We will help you draw up the most reasonable budget, with slashed and discounted prices for many services. We are highly resourceful, and we extend that resourcefulness to our clients.

Top-notch Décor and Styling Team

One of the fantastic services we offer you is décor and styling. We have a well-trained team for this, which means you do not have to pay extra fees to hire a décor team for your event. 

Addictive Entertainment is an Australian-owned and based event planning and management company you can rely on. We are the event planners that won’t leave you hanging on your big day. Instead, we ensure that you and every other person you have decided to invite to your event are quite satisfied.