Addictive Entertainment

Taking Care of Your Corporate Events

We offer event planning and management services for corporate events as well.

Corporate events are events organised by companies and corporations at timely intervals. It could be annually or biannually. These events are usually organised for the employees in said corporations. They can be formal- in the form of black-tie events or otherwise. It depends on the size and type of corporation in question. The event could also be a large one, not limited to just office workers. Here, office workers are permitted to bring a date to make things more interesting. Whatever the case may be, corporate events need adequate planning and management.

Are you looking to host a corporate event? Before we move on, you need to know that many event planning and management companies in Australia offer you corporate event planning services. However, we stand out at Addictive Entertainment because of a lot of reasons. Some of them include the following.

Years of Experience

When you hire us at Addictive Entertainment, you are also hiring all our years of experience. We have had more than enough time to become quite adept at event planning and management. We know the most suitable ale location for your event, the most suitable chefs to cater the event, and all the best brokers who offer services you can’t do without at your event.

Fair Prices

Most of the time, people shy away from hosting corporate events because of financial constraints. This is one reason many companies and corporations have decided to reduce the number of times they host corporate events. Some have even slashed it to just when it is entirely unavoidable. Addictive Entertainment exists to ensure you don’t have to worry about finances because we prioritise your budget. We are event planners, and we will plan your budget right as well.

Workable Budget Ranges

Addictive Entertainment offers you a service to help you come up with the most suitable budget for your event. We are highly familiar with the current market and wholesale prices of things and services, and we ensure it reflects in the budgets we draw up for your events.

Who says organising a corporate event has to drain the finances of your company? At Addictive Entertainment, we bring you that classy touch your event needs to be the talk of the corporate world.

Excellent Décor and Styling Team

Have you ever been to an event that left a lasting impression because of its aesthetics? We can assure you that a lot of work must have gone into building a décor as stylish and impressionable as the one you saw. Another thing you need to note is that classy and aesthetically appealing decors don’t come cheap. They cost a substantial amount of money. Also, not every décor team can pull off the look that would be most suitable for your event.

However, at Addictive Entertainment, we work with professional and highly creative decorators and stylists, and we offer our expertise to you at very affordable prices.